Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Kirby K - Sep 2020

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Ryan from the Gavin Chen team who helped us buy our first home in Toronto. He was quick to respond, extremely available and helped us find our dream home. He was extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhoods in Toronto and was very patient with us. We never felt pressured or rushed in the process. Ryan also provided us with detailed analysis and home valuations and was able to help us get our home for below asking in the hectic Toronto housing environment! Cannot recommend him enough!

By: Lina S - Sep 2020

Ryan from Gavin Chen team was awesome! He helped us find a rental property recently that we love. Through out the process he was extremely professional and responsive. Communication was very easy and we felt like our questions were always addressed. Highly recommend this team!

By: Aisling H - Sep 2020

I recently worked with Jennifer McKinlay on my search for a new condo in Toronto (August 2020). I had worked with her and the Gavin Chen Team previously and I knew I would be in excellent hands from start to finish. From my initial outreach to post close arrangements, Jennifer went above and beyond to make sure my move was as smooth as possible. She is incredible at her job, all the while being so friendly and helpful.Thanks to her, I am super happy with my new place. :) If you are looking to buy / rent property in the GTA - I highly recommend contacting Jennifer and the Gavin Chen Team!!

By: Hels X - Sep 2020

Gavin helped me buy a home in the summer of 2020 and midst of COVID-19. With everything moving fast even during a pandemic, Gavin is very responsive, answered many questions and listened to my views. His deep knowledge of Toronto real estate and extensive experience with multiple offerings is a huge advantage in the competitive market. Furthermore, Gavin has many helpful resources and professional referrals taking care of things so I can focus on details of the home. I highly recommend Gavin and his team for all your real estate needs.

By: Barbara C - Sep 2020

Gavin and his team are professional, responsive and patient. Highly recommend their services with both sales and rentals.

By: Alex K - Aug 2020

Gavin is absolutely amazing. We've bought and sold a few properties with Gavin and every time, without failure, he's exceeded our expectations. He's quick, response, professional and takes care of every aspect of the transactions. Highly recommend him any day!

By: Elizabeth C - Aug 2020

I have known and worked with Gavin and his team for over 10 years on several real estate transactions. Gavin is very reliable and trustworthy and I very much value his professional knowledge, judgement and recommendations. He is responsive and supportive throughout the sales, purchase and leasing process - my go to Realtor for sure.

By: Nadim C - Aug 2020

I highly recommend the Gavin Chen Team who has worked closely with me over the years in my search to purchase a property. I would describe my experience in the following way: 1) Highly responsive to any questions that I may of had. 2) Highly experienced in negotiations and strong understanding of the market. 3) Adopts a client first approach and will work closely with you to ensure that all your needs are satisfied. 4) Ensures on-going communication with clients during all stages of the purchase. 5) Demonstrates a genuine and a highly-professional approach throughout the whole "property search" process. I have also recommended this team to several people and the experience working with The Gavin Chen Team has been nothing short to great! A special "Thank You" to Gavin and Ryan; I look forward to working with you again on my next purchase!

By: Jonathan S - Aug 2020

I cannot recommend Jennifer and the Gavin Chen team enough. Jennifer went above and beyond our expectations and found my fiancee our first home. She responded to all our questions (text & e-mail) in a timely fashion and provided me with updates on properties we were looking at. She is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and provides good insight into properties that my fiancee and I would have never even though about. Every viewing we went to was both fun and informative and I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to family & friends. If you're reading this Jennifer, THANK YOU!

By: Debbie H - Aug 2020

Gavin Chen and Ryan of The Gavin Chen Team represented my family during the estate sale of my father’s home. There were numerous problems and complications with the condominium management company. Gavin kept communication lines open and ongoing and demonstrated lots of patience with the management company. He also came up with alternative methods to selling the house during Covid 19 difficult times. He answered all my emails, texts and calls promptly and with lots of patience. My family is greatful for his understanding and kindness.

By: Adam J - Jul 2020

Working with Gavin Chen was a dream. My wife and I had plenty of worries about getting our first rental property. Thankfully the Gavin Chen team walked us through the rental process, provided all the necessary documentation and explained everything that we had questions about. I refer this team to my friends and colleagues and look forward to working with them again in the future.

By: Jonathan J D - Jul 2020

Great experience with the team at Gavin Chen. Ryan Ngovu was amazing in every way. Friendly service and hard working individuals clearly make this a great realtor team. 5/5

By: Hamid K - Jul 2020

Hamid gave Gavin a 5 star rating for assisting him in the sale of his property.

By: Robel B - Jul 2020

Gavin was excellent in negotiations getting my condo sold as well as when I put an offer on my new house he gave me lots of tips. His responsiveness was very quick and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who is either a first time home buyer or not.

By: Kareem M - Jul 2020

Excellent guy with a real passion to be the best in his profession. He's punctual, honest, knowledgable, charismatic and results oriented. What ever you want/need he can handle.My family is now on our 3rd home, each one thanks to Gavin Chen.

By: Derek W - Jul 2020

Ryan was awesome! Not only did he help us find our home but he demonstrated how much he cares about the people he's working with. We weren't pressured into making a quick purchase or settling for something that didn't check all our boxes. Even after we found our place he continued to stay in touch and follow up with us and on the seller's side with any questions we have. Highly recommend Ryan and The Gavin Chen Team. Already referring them to friends and family.

By: Jordan C - Jun 2020

Ryan was very pleasant and worked very quickly to help my partner and I secure our new apartment.

By: Peter D - Jun 2020

Gavin and his team are excellent realtors and property managers. I highly recommend Gavin and his team.

By: Thais O - May 2020

Ryan and Gavin were excellent assets on helping us to find our new place. Thank you Ryan and Gavin for your hard work.

By: Yulia C - May 2020

Who could have thought that buying a decent condo in downtown Toronto in the fall of 2019 would be such a great feat? It took us a little over half a year to finally get our dream place after failing in countless bidding wars and dealing with unreasonable sellers, and the whole COVID-19 uncertainty. Have we gone with someone else, I'm sure we'd still be looking. During this whole quest Ryan pretty much became a family member - he was always available, getting the insights from sellers' agents even before we explicitly expressed interest. He was able to gently guide us to understand what was that we wanted exactly, what was compromisable, and what was a deal breaker. At some point we have seen so many different units that we'd be able to name any building in downtown with our eyes closed. Obviously we were a classic example of annoying buyers :D Yet Ryan never rushed us or pushed to make a decision, he'd always remind us to do due diligence and not give in to unreasonable sellers. The whole team was incredibly agile and accommodating, with David with the team signing off on status certificates at ungodly hours, and Johnson with his team checking CMAs and offer prices. Many thanks to the whole team once again! We will absolutely come back for our next property. Highly recommended!

By: Laura B - May 2020

I had such an amazing experience with my realtor Ryan Ngovu! It was my self and my fiancé’s first time buying a home, we were very nervous and a little confused about the whole process. Ryan was able to make us feel very comfortable, he was patient and ensured to explain every step to us. I would recommend Ryan to anyone looking for their next purchase, he was knowledgeable and confident throughout the entire transaction! We are now beyond happy in our new home!

By: Selvi I - May 2020

The Gavin Chen Team helped us find our perfect condo. Ryan Ngovu took great efforts to search a condo for rent according to our requirements. He was very supportive and managed to take us for home tour to as many condos as possible. He was available for timely contact and provided us information and suggestions as and when we requested. Ryan helped us in every step of the way and made the rental process easy and clear. Thanks to Ryan and the team for making this move possible in the difficult COVID situation.

By: Sasha B - Apr 2020

We had a great experience working with Ryan and Gavin to purchase our condo apartment in Toronto. We had a very limited window of time to view apartments. Ryan took the time to learn what we were interested in before we met and made an excellent choice of properties for us to view during our one day in Toronto. We decided we wanted to see one of the apartments a second time a week later. However, we had only a few hours in Toronto on a Saturday night. Ryan met us at the apartment at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night for a second showing! That was the apartment we ultimately purchased. The team knows Toronto well, and also recommended the real estate attorney and mortgage broker that we worked with. A great experience overall!

By: SP P - Apr 2020

Excellent, knowledgeable and caring team. Professional in every way and available around the clock for support and questions. Highly recommend the Gavin Chen team!

By: Laura L - Mar 2020

Our experience with the Gavin Chen Team was outstanding. Jennifer helped us find multiple apartments that fit our needs. She was happy to answer any and all questions we had, and she answered them in a timely and thorough fashion. Once we made our decision, she handled the process quickly and kept us up to date through every turn. We will definitely use this team moving forward! Thanks Jennifer!

By: Vicky C - Mar 2020

Jennifer McKinlay helped me find the property in Glen Abbey and also leasing later on. She is a great real estate agent who demonstrates strong professionalism and have high energy, she responds to changing market situations quickly and takes client needs in her heart. Thank you Jenn!

By: J Sidhu - Mar 2020

It was wonderful working with Ryan. He helped us get a perfect home for our stay in Toronto. Thank you so much!!

By: T. L - Mar 2020

I don't usually write review. But If you're looking for investment properties Gavin Chen and Ryan Ngovu are the right real-estate professionals you want to look after all your needs. Gavin also offer rental advise and recommendations for renovation without breaking the bank. Other agents will try to get your Business by offering incentives, rebates etc... However you get what you pay for and for me finding the right property/ location plus a positive cash flow are the most important factor in a translation. Thank you again to Gavin Chen team.

By: Michelle K - Feb 2020

Ryan was so helpful and knowledgeable! He found a great spot that suited our needs perfectly. We would recommend him and the Gavin Chen group any day!

By: Jair C - Jan 2020

Finding a house was a challenge for me and my wife, the days passed and it became increasingly frustrating not to find what we were looking for, until Ryan appeared and everything changed. He showed us a list of properties according to what we were looking for and we chose the one we liked the most and everything was very fast in less than 5 days everything was ready and we were happy in our new house. Thanks to the whole team and especially to Ryan for his dedication and excellent service, I totally recommend it!

By: Dmytro Y - Jan 2020

My agent Ryan organized a visit to all desired properties in one day, allowing me to make a fast but thoughtful decision. Also I liked that all documentation is electronic, we are now in 2020, very convenient!

By: Colleen S - Jan 2020

Colleen gave Gavin a 5 star rating for assisting them in the sale of their home.

By: Ethan L - Jan 2020

Best team in Toronto. Super helpful and always available for any question big or small. Jennifer was organized and diligent every step of the way. This is my team for life!

By: Kayla M - Jan 2020

Jennifer helped us find our perfect rental! She was always helpful, patient (with our multiple viewings) and very knowledgeable. Thanks Jennifer!

By: Gabriela G - Jan 2020

It is a great service. Jennifer was the one who helped us find our home and she is an amazing professional. Couldn’t be in better hands.

By: Happy L - Jan 2020

Before the help of Gavin Chen Team and more specifically our real estate agent Jennifer McKinlay me and my roommate were struggling to find a place. As recent graduates, finding a place was big step in the next chapter in our lives and with the help of Jennifer we were able to find a place. It's an amazing feeling working with a group who you feel truly care and have your best interest at heart. I highly recommend working with the Gavin Chen team and Jennifer.

By: Anupma B - Dec 2019

We met Gavin Chen when we were new to Toronto; he and his team made an immediate impression on us with their resourcefulness, knowledge of the city, and understanding of our requirements. So when it came to buying a property, we didn’t need to look anywhere else! Gavin and Ryan Ngovu have helped us find exactly the home we were looking for. They’ve been extremely patient and helpful and have guided us expertly at every step. We had full faith that we could reach out to them at any step during the entire process of buying the property and they’d be able to advise us. We specially appreciated how various members of Gavin Chen’s team are available and willing to help for each other’s clients, ensuring that customer always feels special. Excellent in every way.

By: Zeeshan G - Dec 2019

Jennifer helped make the home search so much smoother. Always available and prompt, and definitely went the extra mile in making sure there was no confusion over any of the moving logistics or paperwork. Hoping to not move again anytime soon, but will definitely contact Jennifer again when that time arrives. Thank you again for all your help!

By: Maria J - Dec 2019

Surely recommend!

By: Leigh M - Nov 2019

Ryan Ngovu was professional, efficient, and organized. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him to find our new home and we would highly recommend him and the Gavin Chen Team.

By: Patrycja S - Nov 2019

We have worked with a few real estate agents in the past, both with buying, selling and renting homes. Ryan is one of the few real estate agents who will take the time to understand your needs and tell it like it is. He has emotional IQ, which is important in this business. He is also person of complete integrity and it’s a breath of fresh air to work with someone like this. Thank you Ryan.

By: Aleksandar A - Nov 2019

I cannot be more happy from the service of Jennifer McKinlay and the Gavin Chen team. They do always say "We are customer service oriented", which sounds a lot like marketing spiel, until you actually start working with them and you realize it's all quite real. I was a really tough customer of Jennifer, I had a lot of requirements for my home and she spared no effort in driving me to see a million places, giving me advice and background information, explaining how things worked in Canada (I'm new here). Today was my first morning in my awesome new home, tomorrow is my daughter's first day of school, and life is good!

By: Lauren M - Nov 2019

Gavin was great to work with, flexible with his time and found us our new house quickly and painlessly! He also has some great contacts, (mortgage brokers, lawyers, contractors) who he set us up with to make the process even smoother. Thanks for everything Gavin & team, we are so happy in our new home!

By: Shawn Z - Nov 2019

Shawn gave Gavin a 5 star rating for assisting him in his home purchase!

By: Masri - Oct 2019

I worked with Ryan on finding a home. Twice.. both processes took some time . Ryan is great at what he does and a serious investment for Gavin's team. He is tolerant and will assess and understand your needs. Is always available for any questions and will point out any concerns you should have regarding a proposal or an offer. He will take the job as if its his own home hes looking for. Definitely recommended, and is still my go to person for anything that concerns rentals or buying.

By: Graeme G - Nov 2019

Couldn't have asked for a better expert in finding a property downtown. Ryan went above and beyond assisting me, and most importantly put my needs first. Extremely appreciative of the work and effort - would 100% recommend and use again.

By: Lorne N - Oct 2019

Gavin and his team have expertly guided us through both the purchase and sale of two properties now and each time and at every point in the process Gavin has been an absolute star. Always available and on-point, Gavin was a big part of our success on both ends of each transaction. Thanks again for everything, Gavin!

By: Sara B - Oct 2019

Working with Ryan Ngovu was amazing! I was struggling looking for a place to rent in Toronto for months and because the market moves so fast, I had to constantly be double checking every listing site. He was able to create a custom search for me and help me find quality apartments. He was very accommodating and understanding with what I really wanted in an apartment. I've been recommending him to all my friends who are looking.

By: Nik - Oct 2019

It was an absolute pleasure working with The Gavin Chen team and specifically Ryan Ngovu. He was a great guide with my first house purchase and was REALLY patient as we continued to see places and adjusted our search areas/types of properties. The process was a long one but it was great doing it with someone that was patient and very knowledgeable. Now I am living in my dream home and couldn't be any happier! Thanks Ryan! Best, Nik

By: Jeff B - Oct 2019

I've worked with Gavin and Elena for more than a decade. I have 100% confidence in them. Gavin has consistently found excellent tenants for my rental unit in downtown Toronto. He has knowledge and contacts that make him an excellent resource when it come to real estate. I continue to do business with Gavin and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Gavin Chen Team to everyone!

By: Priscilla G - Oct 2019

Our realtor Ryan of the The Gavin Chen Team was great to work with. He was always available to answer any questions and great with communication and in assisting us through our first home buying process. I would work again with this Ryan and the team!

By: David H - Oct 2019

Had a great experience with the whole Gavin Chen team. All dedicated professionals with attention to details. Thanks again. David

By: Hans H - Oct 2019

Ryan Ngovu was my sales rep here and he helped me sell my old home and purchase my new one. He is a fantastic rep and was extremely helpful through both processes. He is knowledgeable and friendly and was very patient with me (someone who is very inexperienced with this sort of thing). I will be using him again in the future.

By: Mark K - Sept 2019

Gavin, Ryan and the team were fantastic to work with. They handled the sale of our home professionally, courteously and made sure they were always available for questions. Easy, no pressure and very well laid out process. I wouldn't hesitate a moment to recommend the team.

By: Jason S - Sept 2019

Absolutely excellent customer service experience from beginning to end. Both Jennifer and Ryan were accommodating to a long stream of ongoing emails and were timely in their responses at all hours of the day. If you're looking to move into a new place in Toronto, these are your people!

By: Dilhani D - Aug 2019

Gavin and his team are fantastic to work with. After having a particularly bad experience with an agent, I really appreciated Gavin’s attention to detail and for the frequent communication that kept me informed on what’s happening with my property. He set a new record for the size of the unit in my building with the sale of my property. I never felt pressured to accept anything less than I wanted to and always felt he had my back. When I’m ready to buy or sell again, I have no doubt that I will ask for Gavin’s help.

By: Sabrina Z - Aug 2019

We worked with Jennifer on the Gavin Chen Team and she was nothing short of spectacular! Despite the many hardships and competition in the current Toronto market, Jennifer was persistent and helped us find the perfect place in the location we so desperately wanted! I have already referred Jennifer to many friends and will continue to do so. I highly recommend using this team to help you find your next home!

By: Kareem M - Aug 2019

One word for Gavin is tenacious! He loves what he does and it really shows. A top professional who’s dedicated to results. Integrity? CHECK knowledge? CHECK. Results? Check, check, check.... I feel good about recommending him to anyone.

By: Ahmad H - Aug 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer from the Gavin Chen team. Despite the challenges of the Toronto rental market she helped me find a perfect home. Jennifer was a joy to work with from the very start and she helped guide me through every step in the process. I would definitely recommend working with Jennifer and the Gavin Chen team if you want to work with people who truly care about your needs.

By: Edwin K - Aug 2019

Ryan and Gavin were both wonderful to work with and have assisted me with both the purchase and sale of my first home. Both were extremely responsive and professional and helped guide me through the entire process. I will recommend their services to anyone in need of a professional full-service realty team!

By: Akram S - Apr 2019

Gavin is very knowledgable about the various aspects of the Toronto real estate market, combined with savvy sense of deal making. Helped us with buying a suitable condo in core downtown and renting it quickly. Thanks Gavin and team.

By: Vivian N - Jul 2019

Found exactly what I was looking for and Ryan made the whole process so easy, from the condo showings to the whole buying process! Very professional, responsive, and great to work with.

By: Nick R - Jul 2019

I had an extremely positive experience with Ryan Ngovu in purchasing a house. He was thorough, personable, and professional.

By: Phong M - Jul 2019

We have benefited from Ryan and the Gavin Chen team's assistance and expertise four times now. All for different reasons and all experiences have been extremely positive. Ryan quickly helped us find an apartment to rent when we first moved to Toronto four years ago. He then helped us buy and eventually sell an amazing condo in the heart of Fort York. Most recently, he has provided tremendous service in purchasing our house. We have referred Ryan to friends who have also benefited from his services and expertise multiple times. We look forward to a future ocassion where we will once again gain value from Ryan and the Gavin Chen team's expertise.

By: Kusal J - Jul 2019

Jennifer is absolutely amazing! Provided us with a lot of information specially because this is our first time looking for property. She really helped put us at ease. Definitely will reach out again in the future.

By: Katherine M - Jul 2019

Jennifer was amazing to work with. She really listened to our interest and provided great advice to finding our first home.

By: Matt D - Jul 2019

We worked with Ryan Ngovu, an agent with the Gavin Chen Team, to buy our first home. Ryan is a consummate professional with a thorough knowledge of the Toronto real estate market. He provided us with great advice and insights throughout the process, showed infinite patience through many viewings and questions, was always very responsive and available, and never applied any pressure to act. When it came time to make an offer, he provided excellent advice on pricing and conditions that helped us win in a competitive situation. We would not hesitate to recommend Ryan to friends and family. Thanks Ryan!

By: Aisling H - May 2019

I would highly recommend Gavin Chen and Jennifer McKinlay's services to anyone looking to buy or rent properties. If ever needed, I am more than happy to write up a public testimonial. :) Jennifer was absolutely amazing and is everything you could ask for from a realtor. She works around the clock and always had our best interests in mind, from search to submitting our application. I was also very impressed with Gavin's quick response in assigning Jennifer to us, especially as we were rental candidates as opposed to buyers.

By: Ibrahim S - May 2019

Jenn was fantastic to work with. She was very patient and did not hesistate to show us multiple units, on several occassions. She wanted to make sure we found the right place and also provided her expert advise which was very helpful. Thanks again Jenn!!

By: Jacob B - Jun 2019

Jacob rated Jennifer's service provided as Exceptional, Liked the agent, Professionalism, Understood my needs/requirements.

By: Meera B - Jul 2019

Working with Jennifer has been a true pleasure. She was kind, patient, responsive, and we never felt pressured. Even when we did a complete 180 and switched our search, she never showed any irritation and was happy to help with anything we needed.

By: Cam L - 2018

Gavin was a fantastic partner as the listing agent for our family home. The result was a record selling price for our area after multiple offers. His team delivered well beyond a photo and a listing. Gavin provided great neighbourhood insights and strategy for pricing, timing, and upgrades. He connected us with a trusted network of trades who delivered on a tight timeline. A priority for us was a quick sale, and social media reach. Gavin and his team created a great campaign that generated a flood of clicks and in person showings.

By: Stacey Y - Jul 2019

Gavin and his team have been exceptional partners in guiding us through the purchasing of an investment property and securing tenants. Gavin is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful. Both him and his team are also very responsive. He is a trusted partner.

By: Sapna M - Jun 2019

Gavin did a great job selling my downtown condo. He really shines in the bidding and negotiation process and was able to set a new record on the price premium for my building. He was also very helpful guiding me on where to invest in reno's and staging and what to skip to save some money. I highly recommend Gavin and his team!

By: Vanessa G - May 2019

Gavin was instrumental in helping me purchase the home of my dreams! Gavin has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Toronto market and is a keen and skilled negotiator. I had been searching unsuccessfully for several months before I started working with Gavin and I'm so happy I made the switch to the Gavin Chen Team. He helped my find my dream condo and moved fast so I could secure in the crazy Toronto market. Rest assured that you're in good hands with the Gavin Chen Team.

By: Clare A - May 2019

Working with Gavin was a dream! My husband and I have been enormously appreciative of Gavin's professionalism, experience, and willingness to really listen to and understand our specific requirements. We're thrilled to have purchased what's truly a dream house for us. With Gavin's help, we got the perfect home for our family at the right price. Gavin has extremely granular knowledge of Toronto neighbourhoods (for example, he could offer an estimate of the relative value of a parking space in different neighbourhoods - as well as knowing all the basics like walkability, transit access, proximity to amenities, etc. inside out). These insights, as well as his very complete knowledge of the relative merits of nearby properties recently sold, were hugely helpful when it came to preparing our offer. Since we bought a fixer-upper, we've also really appreciated Gavin's ability to connect us with contractors, all of whom we've engaged on the basis of his recommendation. Additionally, the lawyer who assisted in the closing was favourably impressed with the thoroughness and completeness of the offer that Gavin prepared for us. We've been recommending Gavin's services to all our friends unreservedly.

By: Lindsay Cotter - Apr 2019

Great team, The Gavin Chen team first took amazing care of us 1 year ago to find the perfect rental, understanding our needs and quickly collecting and bargaining to get us the perfect home. When we were ready to buy a year later, again they found the perfect properties for us that met our needs made viewing homes effortless and the total buying process a breeze. Would definitely recommend them.

By: L.S - Apr 2019

I was searching for my ideal condo and the Gavin Chen Team worked with me diligently to make this happen. Ryan and Gavin were fantastic to work with: knowledgable, professional, helpful and very responsive to my questions. After finding a condo, Ryan made my life easier by connecting me with contractors for upgrades. I appreciated the market expertise and strategic guidance that the Gavin Chen Team provides to help clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend the Gavin Chen Team to others.

By: Manpreet J - Apr 2019

Working with Gavin and his team made my first-time home purchase so much simpler than I thought it would be. As a first-time home buyer I wasn't sure how to search for a broker and I was worried about landing someone who would pressure me into making a purchase right away. A friend recommended Gavin to me and I am so thankful, because it was a great experience. Gavin and his team not only take their role as brokers seriously, but also their role as educators. I knew nothing about purchasing a home, but Gavin was always patient no matter how many times I asked the same question. I always got replies promptly and I felt that the team was really working with me throughout the day, into the night. And I never once felt pressured to go in on a condo that I wasn't satisfied with, or to begin changing my criteria without fully exploring the areas I was interested in living. Even my mom liked Gavin, and she's not an easy one to please! :) With Gavin's help I was able to find a condo in a location and at a price that I was happy with, and I'm excited to make this new place my own. For an informative and successful home-buying experience, I would definitely recommend the Gavin Chen team.

By: Fullers - Apr 2019

You are ‘The Dream Team’. Thank you Gavin and crew, you have made our family very happy. Gavin, you really listened to our strange requests for an unusual property and delivered. In our minds it was an unexpected find and we were totally unprepared for the next steps. You had an amazing team in place and efficiently guided us through course. When we came to market with the old house again you came to our rescue and made the process as easy as it could be. We will be thanking you for many years to come. - the Fullers

By: Alejandro R. S. - 2019

I worked with the Gavin Chen team to purchase my first condo. I worked mostly with Ryan, who was very friendly, available, and very patient when it came to dealing with all the different aspects of the purchase process. The whole experience was enjoyable, easy to understand and adjusted to my own needs and expectations. I put forward my endorsement for anyone who is the market in the GTA.

By: Cindy L - Dec 2018

Gavin's impeccable response time and sensitivity to Toronto's unpredictable market was very valuable and reassuring for a first-time home buyer. His 'can-do' attitude and strong work ethic is complimented by his equally effective office. Having Gavin on my team gave me confidence that negotiations would be conducted with professionalism and integrity. Thank you Gavin and Elena!

By: M. S. - Dec 2018

M.S. chose Gavin to assist in the real estate transaction because of Gavin's Skill / Knowledge | Reputation. We were quite pleased with his knowledge and expertise and felt he made a large effort to understand our needs and wants.

By: Guiti E - Nov 2018

Guiti chose Gavin to assist in the real estate transaction because of Gavin's Skill / Knowledge | Positive Personality

By: U.E. - Nov 2018

Gavin comes across as a very competent, likable guy who immediately relays to you that he knows what he is doing. He was, i'm not ashamed to admit, quite exceptional. If I had any gripes about his performance it would be that the communication between ourselves (not including the sale mind you) around viewings that were organized, the no shows could have been better. At times I was not sure what the state of play was due to the non communication. HOWEVER having said that I was (as i said) quite impressed with Gavin and he was able to put up with my difficult personality. would definitely recommend him to a friend or family.

By: John G - Nov 2018

John chose Gavin to assist in the real estate transaction because of Gavin's Skill / Knowledge | Positive Personality | Assertive

By: E.R. - 2009

I enlisted Gavin to help me with my first home purchase. As a first time home buyer, it can be very stressful and I was nervous. I'm a skeptical person so I asked questions (a lot of questions!) but he was always patient and knew exactly all the info to provide me with. I was extremely lucky to have someone like him step me through the process. So when it was time to sell, I contacted Gavin to help me. He provided the same superb service again and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. He is genuine, trustworthy and really do put his clients best interest first and foremost. I would be happy to recommend him to everyone!

By: Jennifer H - Oct 2018

Gavin Chen and his team delivers top-notch services to make your real estate dreams come true. I had big dreams for the sale of my condo and it all came to fruition.

By: A.S. - Nov 2018

A.S. chose The Gavin Chen Team to assist in the real estate transaction because of referral and rated 5/5 for overall performance.

By: Shannon K - Oct 2018

Please see video testimonial from Shannon

By: J. H. - Oct 2018

JH chose Gavin to assist in the real estate transaction because of his Skill / Knowledge | Positive Personality | Assertive

By: Andrew M - Oct 2018

Gavin made the process easy and was able to get us a great deal on our new home. We will certainly use him for our future real estate needs.

By: J. G. - Sep 2018

I have bought and sold real estate for 30 years Gavin is the best agent I have ever dealt with. The house he sold for me was a tough sell. It was in poor condition with a very difficult tenant. He managed this situation with expertise.

By: A. K. - Aug 2018

Over the past 8 years, I have used Gavin three times to find tenants for my condo in the City Place neighbourhood of Toronto. Simply put, he’s extremely effective, professional and gets you the top dollar. My unit was on the market for less than a week in each case. Furthermore, him and his team draft bullet proof leases that ensures landlord piece of mind. Finally, Gavin is able to provide the best advice regarding the updates and renovations required in the unit, since he understands the market and the needs of prospective tenants very well.

By: A. B. - Jul 2018

A. B. chose to use Gavin for his Skill / Knowledge | Positive Personality

By: R. B. - Jun 2018

This was our third time working with Gavin and I wouldn't work with anyone else. Gavin is extremely knowledgeable about the market and incredibly hardworking. We feel he always looks out for our best interest and he went above and beyond with the sale of our previous house as well as the purchase of our new home. We trust Gavin completely.

By: Brian D - Jun 2018

Brian rated Gavin 5/5 for Overall Performance.

By: Maria R - Jun 2018

I have met Gavin during a purchase of a property approximately 18 months ago. From the start I realized Gavin was a superb real state agent providing great advice and having thorough knowledge. Gavin made himself available even after the completion of the transaction and helped me with movers, internet options as well as legal details. I have complete confidence on Gavin and I know he will support me throughout the process of purchase/sale/rental of any property in the future.

By: Maria C - May 2018

We were very impressed by Gavin's performance. He really cared about finding the right home for us while at the same being super reactive and available when it was time to negotiate. Thank you !

By: L.N. - May 2018

At every stage, Gavin's help and expertise were exceptional.

By: L.N. - Apr 2018

Gavin is the best.

By: D.K. - May 2018

Ryan was fantastic to work with. He was patient, informative and extremely helpful!!

By: R.B. - Mar 2018

We love working with Gavin. We value his expertise and deep understanding of the market. We have full trust in him and know he is always working in our best interest.

By: Sam S - Mar 2018

Sam used Gavin to assist in their transaction because Gavin was recommended. They also rated Gavin 5/5 for Overall Performance.

By: LG - Feb 2018

Always makes us feel like we're his only client, even though I know that's far from true. Very responsive, takes the time to understand the situation and our needs/wants.

By: Matt R - Jan 2018

Matt used Gavin to assist in their transaction because of Gavin's Skill / Knowledge Positive Personality | Assertive | Reputation. They also rated Gavin 5/5 for Overall Performance.

By: Jennifer M - Nov 2017

Jennifer used Gavin to assist in their transaction because of Gavin's Reputation. They also rated Gavin 5/5 for Overall Performance.

By: Tom and April

Please see video testimonial from Tom and April!

By: Jo and Feargus

Please see video testimonial from Jo and Feargus!

By: Jai & Shalini

Please see video testimonial from Jai and Shalini!

By: Donny

Please see video testimonial from Donny!

By: Laurent and Jenna

Please see video testimonial from Laurent and Jenna!

By: Kevin and Karla

Please see video testimonial from Kevin and Karla!

By: Alex and Ejona

Please see video testimonial from Alex and Ejona!

By: Brandon

Please see video testimonial from Brandon!

By: Steve/Susie

Please see video testimonial from Steve and Susie!

By: Tyler and Kristen

Please see video testimonial from Tyler and Kristen!

By: Alex & Lesley

Please see video testimonial from Alex and Lesley!

By: Marc and Elena and Eliza

Please see video testimonial from Marc and Elena!

By: Ben and Kimberley

Please see video testimonial from Ben and Kimberley!

By: A. L. - Oct 2017

AL used Gavin to assist in their transaction because of Gavin's Skill / Knowledge | Market Share | Positive Personality | Assertive | Reputation | Other: Efficiency. They also rated Gavin 5/5 for Overall Performance.

By: K. M. - Aug 2017

Gavin was stellar. He was recommended to me by a mutual friend and I have already passed his contact information to a couple of friends. I was struggling to even get a viewing before I started working with Gavin. Right from the on set he called me and asked good questions so he could figure out what the right places were. Within 2 days he'd provided me with all the information I needed and got me into a number of places, which were exactly what I was looking for, and four days later, I have a place to rent. My only challenge was that we were looking at only places at the very top of my budget, but I think that is more about the nature of this market. I'm a very, very happy customer.

By: J McGhie - Oct 2017

I was fortunate to have my nephew Chris recommend Gavin Chen and Team to me when my sister passed away. As executor of her estate, I was tasked with selling her Toronto home. Living in Windsor, Ontario I had no knowledge of the Toronto real estate market. Gavin took complete charge immediately and arranged for the home to be cleaned, de-cluttered, painted and professional staged for us. He was our on site general contractor handling everything from garbage removal to yard cleanup and carpet cleaning to prepare this house for sale. Gavin and his team executed a first class marketing campaign and sold this house for $1,325,000.00 which was well within our expected outcome. It was definitely a pleasure to work with Gavin and obviously I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home in the Toronto area.

By: J. M. - Aug 2017

JM chose Gavin Chen to sell his home because of Gavin's Skill and Reputation and Knowledge

By: Lisa M - May 2017

"He is our property manager at the moment (though he helped us purchase our house and we intent to engage him to sell our house sometime in the way off future) so we answered the questions in relationship to us renting our home. Lisa chose to work with Gavin because of his 'Positive Personality' and provided the highest rating of 5/5 for his negotiation skills and overall performance."

By: Victor S - Apr 2017

"He showed a lot of patience, having to deal with my two small children on the visits. He refilled for us all the needed papers with the requested modifications like a million times without minding if it was late or weekend. He also provided help and assistance on the next steps after the agreement was done. We are very pleased."

By: L.G. - Mar 2017

"Gavin was our agent for our house purchase in Autumn 2016. We have already recommended him to friends. Fantastic to work with: exceptionally responsive, makes you feel like you are his top priority, very knowledgeable, very patient, aggressive when it came to negotiations, etc. So I am using him again for my Mother's apartment lease and to sell my parents' house."

By: Alex I. - Oct 2016

"As far as I'm concerned, Gavin is a miracle worker. He's incredibly knowledgeable about the property market, provided me and my wife with all of the information we needed to feel confident about the sale and purchase prices of our home and was available to us day or night throughout the process. Our close circle of friends have all worked with him over the last few years, and we all feel the same way."

By: G. Eni - Sep 2016

"Gavin was recommended to us by our daughter, his previous client. We found him to be exceptional in helping us. He is a consummate professional with great attention to detail. Very helpful, patient and understanding. Will use his services in future if the opportunity presents again."

By: J. Eni - Sep 2016

"Gavin was very professional and responsive to every inquiry, no matter the time or day. He gave us over 100 listings and found a suitable apartment within 7 days. It was so painless! I will recommend him to everyoneI know."

By: P. Manivong - Sep 2016

"Ryan was flexible, understanding, patient and accommodating throughout the entire process. We really appreciated having his assistance."

By: John G. - May 2016

"Gavin is exceptional period!"

By: Steve S - Mar 2016

"I recently purchased a new property in downtown Toronto having recently returned to the city from Vancouver. Ryan Ngovu and his team worked hard, were very responsive and provided valuable insight into the Toronto market (including market evaluations and strategy). I would recommend Ryan highly."

By: N. A. - Feb 2016

"N chose to work with Gavin because of his 'Skill, Knowledge, Positive Personality, Assertiveness and Reputation'"

By: L. M. - Oct 2015

"We liked working with Gavin. He is a great agent. We had some tough requests and it took us a while to find our house. Gavin has been extremly professional, helpful and patient. Thank you again."

By: Jenna R - Oct 2015

"He was always patient and professional with us even though we were picky first time buyers who needed a lot of hand holding, and weren't always open to his suggestions on location. He is very knowledgeable and always went out of his way for us. Would definitely recommend Gavin to a friend, and would use him again in future."

By: Jessica I - Oct 2015

"On the ball and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended"

By: Chris D - Oct 2015

"Chris chose Gavin Chen to purchase his home because of Gavin's 'Reputation and Assertiveness'""

By: Susana R - Oct 2015

"As mentioned we've used Gavin's services 3 times in the past 5 years and are always pleased with how professional he conducts himself and more importantly is passionate about providing nothing the best service to his clients."

By: Susana R - Oct 2015

"As mentioned we've used Gavin's services 3 times in the past 5 years and are always pleased with how professional he conducts himself and more importantly is passionate about providing nothing the best service to his clients."

By: Steve L - Oct 2015

"Steve chose Gavin Chen to sell his home because of Gavin's 'Skill and Knowledge'"

By: Andy K. - Sep 2015

"Gavin's client-focused approach is much appreciated"

By: Andy K. - Sep 2015

"Gavin's client-focused approach is much appreciated"

By: Melanie H - Jul 2015

"Melanie chose to work with Gavin because of his 'Skill, Knowledge, Positive Personality, Assertiveness and Reputation'"

By: F & J. Carroll - Jul 2015

"We are buying a home in 1 yr and yes Gavin will be our guy! Cant say more than that!"

By: F & J. Carroll - Jul 2015

"We are buying a home in 1 yr and yes Gavin will be our guy! Cant say more than that!"

By: Luke B. - Jun 2015

"Gavin was extremely helpful and listened to our needs. He was always very willing to give advice and answer any questions we had. Thank you Gavin for taking the time out of your busy days to see us!"

By: S. J. - Jun 2015

"Gavin was fantastic with brokering and guiding our purchase. Even with a complex set of circumstances surrounding our inter-state move and an international buyer, he navigated the whole thing beautifully!"

By: Matt J. - Jun 2015

"Great guy. Very friendly. Not pushy or condescending. Coming from Montreal it was great to hear his knowledge of Toronto neighborhoods. Would totally work with Gavin again."

By: Apr 2015

"When I received a solid offer at asking price, I was prepared to jump on it. But Gavin did his due diligence and contacted others who had viewed my property to determine their interest. He ended up securing an offer for $170,000 above my asking price with an alternate buyer!"

By: Z. A. - Jan 2015

"This is my fourth real estate transaction with Gavin in the last few years. In all circumstances, Gavin surpassed my expectations by understanding my unique requirements and being able to deliver on them. His level of knowledge of the industry and the specific competition in the surrounding neighbourhood allowed him to uniquely position the listing in a way that maximizes my benefits. The transaction was seamless and efficient, and most importantly met the objective of maximizing value to his client. I will certainly continue referring Gavin to friends and family."

By: Paul A - Jan 2015

"Paul's main reason for selecting Gavin to assist him is that Gavin was 'Highly Recommended' "

By: Shelley S - Nov 2014

"Thanks Gavin. Excellent service. So happy!!!!"

By: P. M. - Nov 2014

"Simply the best."

By: Benjamin R - Nov 2014

"Gavin was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. His knowledge of renovations and associated costs was also very helpful when looking at older homes, and he always answered our questions, and responded very quickly."

By: Rima B - Sept 2014

"Our experience with Gavin Chen has been excellent. He knows Toronto so well, and was quickly able to get a good sense of what we were looking for. He was efficient and never pushy. He was awesome at negotiation time and allowed us to stay within our budget. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know."

By: Karla G - Aug 2014

"Gavin was great!"

By: Sarah Z - Jul 2014

"Sarah rated Gavin 5/5 for overall Service Excellence Performance. Skill, knowledge, positive personality and reputation being the main reasons for choosing Gavin to assist her"

By: Kevin W - Jul 2014

"I have used Gavin before and have recommended him to friends. He is highly knowledgeable about both the real estate market and its rules and regulations. He is easy to deal with and has a great attention to detail."

By: Raymond T - Jul 2014

"Gavin provides an excellent service. Gavin Chen demonstrates a lot of patience with his clients. We were first time home buyers and our demands were high but he accomodated us. We learned a lot about Real Estate from buying to selling to remodel your new home. We really appreciate his work. Thank you."

By: Sean B - Mar 2014

"Our experience with Gavin was nothing short of exceptional. From the beginning of the process to the end he was engaged, focused and helpful. We will definitely be recommending him to all of our family and friends."

By: Alex I - Oct 2013

"Gavin was recommended to us by a few friends who have both worked with him several times. After working with him to find out new condo, we'd have no hesitation about recommending Gavin on to our friends as well!"

By: Tyler G - Oct 2013

"Gavin is trustworthy and to us that is the most important part of a relationship with a real estate agent. We trust his advice and his opinion. He makes us feel that he is working for us and not for himself. So long as he doesn't retire, we plan to use Gavin for all of our future Real Estate endeavours."

By: Katherine B - Aug 2013

"Gavin was fabulous. He responded to our last minute messages, came to us late at night when our scanner didn't work, and made this nerve-wracking process very smooth. His recommendations were spot on and resulted in our selling our condo just a few hours after listing it on the broker's MLS, for over asking. We couldn't be happier."

By: Donna C. - July 2013

"We were extremely satisfied with Gavin and with his whole team. He takes all of the work and worry out of real estate transactions. He is very professional, ethical, honest and very hard-working. We can't begin to describe our experience with Gavin and his team. Superb service and satisfaction! Thank-you!"

By: Lisa M. - June 2013

"As first time home buyers we were extremely satisfied with Gavin's demeanor, efforts and skill as a realtor and we plan on recommending him to all our friends. He was a great educator on the entire process of finding, financing and investing in a home that will grow in value. He went beyond what we felt was the normal home-buying experience to investigate all the properties we were interested in, including doing comparisons of other houses sold in the areas, speaking with realtors, with whom he has developed great relationships (there seemed to be many), to find out more about the history of houses we were interested in, along with much, much more. Gavin treated my partner and I as equals. No matter how simple or complex the question, Gavin treated all questions as valid questions, patiently explaining the processes, effects and consequences. Can't say enough good things about Gavin."

By: Corinne B. - June 2013

"Gavin assisted me in finding new tenant for my rental property. I live and work outside of the country and therefore it was important for me to work with someone who is efficient, understands the landlord and tenant act and delivers full service (not just finding a tenant but also conducting credit checks etc) - in this regards the services Gavin and his team delivered were excellent. He personally communicated with me to address any questions and ensured I was confident in the final candidates select to rent my property. He made what could be a complex and time-consuming process easy and stress free. Thanks ensuring that my best interests were always at the forefront and for a job well done."

By: Alyson M. - May 2013

"It was a pleasure to work with Gavin. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. He ensured all details were taken care of. Most importantly, he was friendly, understanding, flexible and really made sure that my needs were being met. I was very happy with how he negotiated for me. All in all, he made it a very positive experience. I would recommend him a million times over. He has made sure that I have had good industry contacts for mortgage, lawyer, contractors, etc. Thank you Gavin for all of your help in this process!"

By: Jeff B. - Apr 2013

" I've been working with Gavin for several years now. He has "gone the extra mile" for me on many occasions. I trust him implicitly. Elena, in the office, has been very helpful as well."

By: MP and Stefan - Apr 2013

"As first-time homebuyers, we had a lot of anxiety. Gavin walked us through the process seamlessly - not least finding us a great place and negotiating a price we were very happy with."

By: Kareem M. - Nov 2012

"My unit has been listed before and nothing like this has ever happened. I actually broke the record and sold for the highest price for a unit my size in my building thanks to Gavin. Did I mention he's also a snappy dresser?!"

By: Andrew A. - Aug 2012

"Gavin is terrific - we worked with him in purchasing our new home and leasing our condo. We always felt like we were in good hands. He is skilled and helpful - we have total confidence in him. We've already referred family and friends to him and will continue to do so."

By: V. Lavallee - May 2012

"Gavin exceeded all our expectations during the transaction process. We will definitely recommend him to everyone we know. He is an exceptional agent and we look forward to working with him in the future."

By: Elizabeth S. - May 2012

"Gavin has an excellent market knowledge and his expertise were invaluable to us when it came to selling our house. He was able to secure a price over asking and was professional and thoughtful throughout the process. We will definitely be recommending Gavin to friend's and family."

By: Ada M. - Apr 2012

"Gavin Chen is superb. I have already recommended him and Coldwell to other perspective home buyers. He is patient, professional, and extremely knowledgeable of the market and neighborhood home values. I can't list all of his excellent attributes (honest, approachable, respectful etc). He instills the highest level of confidence and I feel that I paid a fair price for our home because of his diligence. Gavin is a great agent and representative for Coldwell!"

By: Z. A. - Feb 2012

"Gavin handled the entire purchasing process in a very professional manner. He knew exactly what he was doing and fostered a sense of control on the entire transaction. Gavin will also be in charge of selling my current residence."

By: Deirdre S. - Feb 2012

"I couldn't have been more satisfied selling my home, and buying my new home with Gavin Chen and his team. Every step of the process I felt confident, comfortable and my every concern was addressed. His expertise was evident throughout and resulted in a fantastic sale on our property. I cannot recommend him highly enough- Gavin Chen is the best realtor out there!"

By: I. Nicholas - Oct 2011

"Dear Gavin, I would like to thank you for your work, and the great assistance you were to me in selling the apartment for a good price. Gavin, it was professional working with you, something I can say after so many years, and different countries. As I saw, you sought after my own interests and not a simple sale. Your extra effort is appreciated."

By: Chantal & Andrew - Feb 2011

"Gavin, just wanted to thank you and your team for helping us find our great new place to live. We just got our keys yesterday and we are so happy with our unit. Thank you so much for all of your effort (and patience) that was put into finding us our ideal place. It was all greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you one day in the future."

By: P. Dionne - Dec 2010

"I am ecstatic with the level of service that Gavin provided. Gavin was recommended to me by a friend and upon my first meeting with him, I knew I would be in good hands. With my hectic work schedule, Gavin took care of everything from start to finish making the selling experience a very positive one. The process was quick and painless and stress-free! I am highly impressed with the way Gavin conducted the sale. Gavin's proven marketing and listing strategy resulted in my home securing multiple competing offers and selling for above list price. Needless to say, I would highly recommend The Gavin Chen Team to anyone without any hesitation"

By: Mia K. - Sept 2010

"Gavin met my apprehensions about entering the world of home ownership with professionalism and patience. I may not have been his biggest client, but Gavin took my hopes and dreams for my first place seriously. In the end, I was able to find a condo in the middle of my favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto and along the way, worked with a realtor who is clearly passionate about his job."

By: Renee & Larry Lemieux

To our surprise, you made finding the right condo for us easy and pleasant. Moving from a four bedroom suburban home to a downtown condo that met our expectations was a significant undertaking. You patiently worked with us to understand and prioritize our must-have and would-like list of amenities. Your very professional and positive style helped us better understand and gain confidence in selecting the right condo for us. You always made yourself available to us at any time, followed up on units we expressed interest in and presented us with units that were always a good match. With each unit we viewed, you always told us about other similar units in the complex, how much they went for, how long they had been available and if the price was in line with other comparable units. There is no doubt in my mind that your insight and expertise was instrumental in negotiating a far better price than I would have otherwise expected possible. You quickly became much more than just a real estate agent; within days, you gained our confidence and trust and we felt we were working with a friend that had our best interest at heart – no doubt about it!

By: Alex Tarantino Lawyer, Pallet Valo LLP

With Gavin’s assistance, I rented a condo in the harbourfront area of downtown Toronto which I am very happy with. The real estate agent I retained before Gavin told me that she had little to no time to spend with me on account that I was only renting and not buying (I was new to Toronto and did not want to buy until I had a better idea of the location in which I wanted to buy). It was clear that she was solely concerned about her commission rather than providing excellent service and developing a potential long-term working relationship. I relayed this story to Gavin during our first conversation. He matter-of-fact told me that in working with me his commission would be low but that he would put in as much time and effort as was needed because he wanted to provide excellent service, develop a long-term working relationship with me and earn my business in the future. This impressed me. On account of Gavin’s honesty, practical business attitude, hard work and efforts in locating and showing properties to me (in addition to Gavin’s thorough knowledge of the downtown Toronto condo market, the close proximity of Gavin’s office to many of Toronto’s downtown condos and his professional but easy-going attitude), I look forward to retaining Gavin in the future and have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

By: James M. Cormark Securities Inc.

"I believe Gavin is truly the best realtor in the city. I used him initially to help find a condo to rent and finally to purchase a town home and in both circumstances he was thorough, professional, knowledgeable and incredibly personal with not only myself but also sellers and lessors. He's great at what he does and takes it very seriously, making sure that he stays up to date on not only current product but market trends and rental / purchasing logistics which was great for aftermarket support. I purchased my house in October 2007 and still keep in contact. I couldn't be happier with my experience."

By: Adam D. Investment Banker

"Gavin made finding the right place for me straightforward and efficient. He was able to quickly educate me on which of the many buildings in the downtown Toronto area would suit my specific needs. Gavin had a strong knowledge of the condos he showed me and was great at outlining the pros and cons that I may not have seen otherwise. Gavin was both patient and honest in his answers to my many questions. He was professional and was flexible with his schedule. I am very pleased with the experience I had with Gavin and would recommend his services to anyone."

By: Marlene F.

"Gavin made my first home purchase very easy, enjoyable, & pretty much stress free. Throughout the whole process Gavin was extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient & was never pushy. He completely understands how overwhelming & nerve wrecking the first purchase can be. It was a pleasure working with Gavin. I look forward to working with Gavin again in the future & highly recommend his service to the novice or experienced buyer."

By: Joan Fitzgerald Senior Mortgage Underwriter

I had been looking for a condo off and on for about 5 years with no success. I'm not sure if my previous agent had another job but he was not available when I was and did not seem to want to look for a condo that I would be happy with and within my price range. I felt he was just looking for a "quick" sale. Gavin was recommended by my bank advisor and we first made contact in November 2006. Gavin immediately set me up to view listings via email that met my criteria. Unfortunately, at that time I was too busy at work to move forward with actually viewing the condos. We made arrangements to touch base again in January. Contact was made in January when things were less hectic and appointments set to view several condos. Unfortunately they were not what I was looking for and I was thinking I was never going to find a condo that met my picky criteria. From this first meeting, Gavin was very perceptive in narrowing down what he thought was important to me. Another appointment was set up the next week and I saw several condos with one in particular meeting most of the requirements I wanted in a condo. Throughout this process, Gavin was patient, professional, well informed on each condo, and gave me a real sense of comfort knowing he was thoroughly knowledgeable in the condo market. The condo most interesting to me was viewed again and the second time around, was interested in putting in an Offer. Within a few days, I had myself a condo that I am thoroughly happy with. I was totally impressed with the whole buying experience because Gavin made it so stress free. I would not hesitate to recommend Gavin to anyone looking to buy or sell. His patience, knowledge, impeccable manners and his strong work ethic along with his willingness to provide guidance after the sale says a lot for his professionalism and dedication to his work. Thanks Gavin.

By: Mike Billyack

Gavin was a pleasure to work with from day one. He conducted himself very professionally, was very flexible with his schedule and was never late for appointments. He was extremely knowledgeable on all the properties I enquired about and was able to give me additional insight into the little things that I had overlooked such as hidden costs. Before Gavin, I had worked with three other agents, none of whom put in the same time and dedication or had the same knowledge base. I am extremely happy with the condo that I ended up buying through Gavin and am very thankful for him making a normally very stressful purchase run as smoothly as possible. I am also certain that due to his knowledge of the condo and the selling agents he was dealing with, I was able to get the best price possible. Most importantly, I did not feel pressured at all to make a decision at any stage, whereas I did feel pressured by other real estate agents I dealt with. I would most definitely refer Gavin as a real estate agent for anyone looking to either buy or rent a place. Thanks again Gavin!!

By: Adib T. - June 7, 2010

"Gavin is a great Real Estate agent. I was very satisfied with his service that I recommended him to many people, who gave me great feedback about his service as well. He puts a lot of effort in understanding your needs and helps you make smart decisions. I would highly recommend anyone who needs to rent, buy or sell his/her place to go for Gavin."

By: Garfield R. - Oct 1, 2009

"Gavin is detail oriented, well-researched and extremely knowledgeable. He's professional in his approach and gave me sound recommendations and advice as a client."

By: Hena S. - July 26, 2009

"Although Gavin is a Real Estate Agent by trade, his knowledge, expertise and abilities go far beyond that. I would trust Gavin to assist in every step of home buying - from assisting in getting a mortgage to recommending a drapes specialist. Gavin works agressively for his clients, he is personable, he is knowlegeable and he is noticeably always on time (which for professionals is very appreciated!) I would recommend him to anyone who requires assistance in finding a home."

By: Hena S. - July 26, 2009

"Although Gavin is a Real Estate Agent by trade, his knowledge, expertise and abilities go far beyond that. I would trust Gavin to assist in every step of home buying - from assisting in getting a mortgage to recommending a drapes specialist. Gavin works aggressively for his clients, he is personable, he is knowledgeable and he is noticeably always on time (which for professionals is very appreciated!) I would recommend him to anyone who requires assistance in finding a home."

By: N. L. - May 23, 2009

"Gavin did an excellent job helping me search and find an apartment to rent in a great location for a great price. Gavin's knowledge of the area and amazing team of professionals including a mortgage broker, also helped with the purchase of an investment property (Triplex) in a completely different area. I look forward to working with Gavin again on any new real estate deal in the future."

By: Michael S. - May 15, 2009

"I asked Gavin to help my brother find a condo. He moved extremely quickly and provided excellent advice with regards to what was reasonable to expect from a pricing perspective and did a great job getting the deal done."

By: Jennifer W. - May 9, 2009

"When looking for a condo property to rent in the downtown Toronto area, Gavin took the time to understand what I was looking for & made wonderful suggestions. He spent a tremendous amount of time showing me properties both, online & in person. He took the time to explain the pros & cons of locations I was interested in. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable & committed to his clients. Gavin went above & beyond to ensure I was satisifed with my rental. I have recommended Gavin to my contacts in Toronto, as well as family & friends looking to relocate to various areas in Ontario. Now living in Halifax, if I could use Gavin for future real estate needs, I would in a heartbeat!"

By: Rachel S. - May 8, 2009

"Gavin located a great building for me that was perfectly suited to my needs and wishes. He is very client and results-oriented and I would certainly use him again in the future."

By: Bernard J. - May 6, 2009

"Wish I owned a company or were in need of his services and I would hire or use him again in a flash."

By: Derron L. - May 5, 2009

"Gavin is second to none! I will always use Gavin as our Realtor and We will always suggest to our friends and family that they use him as well."

By: David M. - May 5, 2009

"Gavin was a great asset to us when we were purchasing our first home. He was patient and knowledgeable and guided us through the process showing full respect for our comfort levels. Coupling his market knowledge and ability to read a situation, he executed a strategy that allowed us to emerge from a bidding war in a way that couldn't have worked out better."

By: Dirk P. - May 5, 2009

"Gavin has been a great real estate advisor for downtown properties. He helped me find my first rental property and then helped me buy a great loft after guiding me through literally hundreds of options."

By: David R - May 4, 2009

"I have a pleasure to work with Gavin both on the buyer and seller side. Bottom line - Gavin brings results which equals more money in your pocket (on both side of the transaction). Combine this with high level of integrity and professionalism - a winning combination! Highly recommended - I plan to have Gavin assist me again."

By: Vernon C - May 4, 2009

"Gavin delivered high quality results in a professional and efficient manner. He provides honest and valuable input and always puts his clients first!"

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!

By: N. A. - Feb 2016

N. A. chose to use Gavin because of his Skill / Knowledge | Positive Personality | Assertive | Reputation | Other: refferal