By: Gavin Chen

June 2019

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June Report

Sales in May 2019 (9,989) were up 18.9% from May 2018, but still lower than the average of the last 10 years of May sales (10,300).  Activity is picking up and it's still a seller's market due to low inventory and high demand.

The average selling price is up 3.6% and still largely supported by condo sales which are aggressive, especially at the lower price point range.

There’s a famous television show from the 50’s and 60’s called Dragnet.  It centres on the adventures of a no-nonsense cop who famously tells witnesses to give him, “Just the facts, ma’am.  Just the facts."  He did that because facts were hard to get, yet very important to his job.

These days, we live in a sea of information.  “Google” just about any topic and you’ll get thousands of search results.  There’s no shortage of information.  But, it can still be difficult to get to the facts.

Take real estate, for example.  There's a lot of news available about what’s happening in the national real estate market, current overall housing prices, the best time to make a move, and so forth.  It can all be overwhelming.  But, which reports can you rely on?

That’s where I can help.  I'm a reliable source that is highly active in all parts of the market.  As a real estate professional, I’m dedicated to providing my clients with the facts they need to make important decisions about real estate - facts that are backed by comprehensive data and experienced analysis of the local market.

Give me a call to discuss the real estate facts you need.

Foodie Tip:  Nothing fancy this month..but always tasty.  I'm a lover of Potato Chips.  I first had these in Italy, and now they are becoming available in Toronto.  Coppa's and Monastery are 2 places you can find them.  **San Carlo** is the brand name and they are from Milan and been around since 1936.  Paprika or Tomato are my favourites but they are all great.  Served best on a couch watching a movie or our Champs - Go Raptors!