By: Gavin Chen

December 2018


Happy Holidays!!

December Report

Why is the real estate market always in a bubble and on a verge of a major crash?  I have been hearing this story since early 2000.

I listen to people praising the stock market and looking for the big win or insider tip that will lead to riches....and can't help but think how it sounds a lot like what I hear at a casino or that one time I walked into a Champions horse betting place.

One thing life has taught me is that slow and steady wins the race and that discipline and consistency and sacrifice wins the day. 

I'm not saying to not invest in the stock markets and actually,  I'm a believer in taking dividends and collecting income and being diversified.  But I have to say that the real estate market has outperformed the stock market and with less risk by leaps and bounds.

Growth factors for Real Estate:
1) Immigration
2) Low interest rates
3) 8th largest financial centre in the world
4) World renowned banks and stable country
5) Tech and service hub in North America
6) Playing catch up in price per square foot on a global level
7) Low inventory
8) Best leverage investment

It's still the golden era of Real Estate in the GTA!

Whereas the stock market is currently at a 11% LOSS year over year, the GTA average selling price  is UP 3.5% year over year.  Typically, we have seen home values doubled (100% return) in the last 8-9 year period. 

Look out for our seminar in the new year showing how to make great gains yearly in your real estate portfolio.

Best, Gavin

Foodie Tip:  Assembly Chef's Hall - for when you need to please a group...they have a little of everything.  This is somewhere you would plan as a destination on a trip.  Pop in and dine with friends next time you are there.  Try Resto Boemo's - pig finder frites (parm truffle fries) and double burgering.  It's a must.  Yes, I did use "burgering" as a verb.